Case Study

Bolger & O'hearn, Inc.

The Client

Based in Fall River, MA. Bolger & O'Hearn is a growing formulator and manufacturer of adhesives, coatings, and specialty chemicals for various industries.

The Problem

Bolger & O'Hearn has some number of outdated platforms, making it more difficult for employees to work from remote locations and even from within office effectively. In order to perform such simple tasks as printing to a different printer, employees needed to contact and outside IT consultant for permission. There were other barriers to efficient operations as well, including the fact that users had to log into and manage multiple passwords to access various business-critical applications, and IT consultant had to perform all provisioning and software updates manually, at each employee’s desktop.

Our Solution

Roplab consolidated and migrated the company’s directory services based on Windows NT to a common Windows 2003 based Active Directory. Roplab implemented a “Single Forest and Domain Model” that would allow much easier administration and create a set of service administrators. Because of various factors such as delegation requirements, service isolation, and account policies, Roplab recommended a Single Active Directory Forest / Domain be used.

With the Microsoft Active Directory, Bolger is now able to more effectively collaborate and work more efficiently across all of its departments. In addition, the new system is designed to scale to support Bolger’s anticipated growth.