Case Study

The Center to Advance Minority Participation in the Construction Industry

The Client

Based in Providence, Rhode Island. The Center to Advance Minority Participation in the Construction Industry is a non-profit organization that serves as a business incubator and training facility for minority youth and adults throughout Rhode Island. The Center's purpose is to increase their participation in building-related trades and businesses. To make there members effective in managing there business, the center provides business and constructions to help there membership.

The Problem

The Center to Advance Minority Participation in Construction Industry provided a suite of Construction, Estimating and Accounting software applications that would give there membership the ability to deliver quality service. This softwares and application suite had to be deployed to users in different locations with low bandwidth connections and with a mixture of Mac and PC client systems. Given the broad nature of The Center membership, This applications and software needs to be available 24/7/365.

Our Solution

Roplab used Citrix Presentation Servers running on Windows 2003 server, integrated into an existing Active Directory Structure. The applications were served via a published desktop and Citrix Web Interface, which was locked down through extensive group policies. Many issues were overcome to implement suite of applications into a Citrix multi-user environment. As further value-additions, other standard applications like Microsoft Office were installed to augment centralised control and administration.